Martyrs (2008)
If going to read the synopsis of this movie, according to various sources, you will find that It is the story of a girl named Lucy who was captured by the murderer for a act. However, you can escape. Then, 15 years later, you search until you know the whereabouts of the pervert murderer, and then come up with a plan to invade and shoot it to death on the whole family. Which of course, when the crab comes this way Not many people would expect to meet the same kind of Rape and revenge style satisfaction as movies like I Spit on Your Grave, but this work is not right. Because it came far higher above the clouds Because the whole story is based on origin and only ends in the first 30 minutes of the movie. During more than an hour later It was purely metaphysical madness that caused hundreds and hundreds of viewers to gape along. With evil ideas, dragging blood, super good beyond imagination Until it was necessary to give a thumbs up to the stubbornness of the filmmakers, this issue that industry can remember
This is a movie that talks about how to find answers about the world after death. And it is sometimes even women who dare to answer audiences like us loudly, it is clear that “hey, the afterlife is real” and it is a beautiful thing. Alternately, it is this earthly life that is inferior to the atonement of sins. But the process of telling the method is more than going to get the answer from the movie tells To be counted as a ruthless trial of stamina to count Also for the actors and the audience (not convinced, tried to see), which makes this work Converted to a ruthless, ruthless movie with one of the most ambitious details.

Mama (2013)
The story of Victoria and Lily, two young sisters who mysteriously disappear in a local forest. On the day the father killed your mother After that, Lucas, his uncle with his girlfriend Ann Nabel, has been searching for you all five years ago. Until they found them, they survived in an abandoned cabin in the middle of the forest. Then after that they took two relatives to live in the same house. With both little boys leaving the problem, how have you been able to survive during your five years alone? And the time that Annabel was looking for an answer. The answers you are looking for are also crawling towards you !!
It’s a ghost movie at another point. Where unless the ghost came in a haunted way and was already extremely frozen It is yet another ghost movie that creates a great mood for the audience. Which I rarely see in ghost movies

Silent Hill (2006)
The story of a mother who wants to help her daughter Where you are often nightmares about a city that is on fire And when the mother searches for information to help her daughter You have come across a town called Silent Hill, whose style is very close to many daughters’ dreams. So you decided to take your daughter over there. Without you knowing that There is something beginning to look forward to for your daughter’s return !!!

Tales of Halloween (2015)
This issue is also divided into sections. There are 10 stories in total that take place on the same night, it is Halloween night. The cause is from the selection that I took Because the movie is very strange and raw Some things are evil Some stories are horrible. Some stories are very haunting, such as the pumpkin-headed monsters that are chasing humans. Foreigners, oh well, extraterrestrial, the villain, the most haunted mental illness Each story is really wonderful !! Don’t believe it. Let’s go get it !!!